Are Indian guys (in India) sexist? Why or why not?

Hmmmm the answer is not really easy to explain and is actually quite complicated.

Most of the Indian men I do believe are sexist but not by choice but because of the society and environment they live in. Indian society is a male dominating society, no matter how much one says "Oh but women are getting equal opportunities and walking alongside men and becoming independent in India". Yes they are but there is a very few percentage of those women. Women at some places or even in metropolitan cities are still looked upon as inferior to men.

Most of the parents in India prefer boys over girls as children because girls are always looked upon as a financial burden on the family (most in the rural areas). Parents do have to spend a lot in their daughter's wedding and in some cases it really put a big financial dent to their mediocre lives and leaves them very little to live with. Whereas sons are expected to carry on the name and legacy of the families and parents expect their sons to take care of them in old age.

And this expectation from the sons/males and misconception about girls/women carry on from one generation to other. No wonder India has a very unbalanced sex ratio in the world. Most of the ladies get abortion under the family pressure, the moment family finds out that it's a girl in mother's womb.

There is no end to such injustice and it happens every damn day.

I don't know how many times I need to repeat this. If you ask "Are X Y?" where X is a large group, and Y is a quality, the answer always will be "some of X are, some aren't".

So, there are Indian guys who are sexist, and there are Indian guys who aren't. Some Indian guys go to the extent of fighting for equal rights for women, when they can very easily not care about it.

Has anyone had a chocolate massage?

Had one last week. It was nice, though I wasn't expecting the chocolate to be hot.

How are Americans perceived by those visiting from other countries?

This is an interesting question because the answer is so different from how are Americans perceived when they visit other countries. If I can address that point first, I live in a country where we get a lot of American tourists and I've found they they are in the majority either quite