Are Indians forgetting their culture?

There are 3 distinctive qualities that set India apart:Its tolerance towards conflicting ideologies, it's acceptance of different ideas and the ability to comfortably coexist with blaring contradictions. So the Indian culture is this ever malleable fabric whose embellishments keep on changing with changing times, but its texture remains the same.

So, No! We are not forgetting our culture. It's just evolving and mostly for good. And the change is very much necessary if we want to stay relevant in the ever changing world.

Here are two glimpses of the dynamic Indian culture we have today:
1.      This is the lecture series by a very learned monk Swami Sarvapriyanandji at IIT-Kanpur campus – a very well educated, well read monk who uses Sanskrit slokas and references from TED Talks with equal elan. ( I highly recommend listening through the question answer session at the end where he very well explains the meaning of "Karma kar, phal ki iccha mat rakh")

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