Are "My Pillow" pillows good?

If you read the reviews on the pillows you'll see a wide range from love it to hate it. Pillows, like people, are different and every one has their own personal preference.

I have fibromyalgia and toss and turn all night from pain, finding it hard to go back to sleep. I have also gone through at least half a dozen different pillows from foam to buckwheat to specially contoured. Some of them very expensive. When I saw these advertised I decided to give them a try, after all, they offer a full refund if not 100% satisfied and they'd pay return shipping. At least they did that at the time. So, I bought 2 standard/queen, medium loft, MyPillow® pillows about 4 years ago and they're still going strong.

The pillows came, completely compressed into a small tubes, with instructions to throw them into the dryer for awhile. So I did and out pop two fluffy looking pillows. Nice.

The first night I used them, I noticed I was able to squish the pillow into the shape I wanted to cradle my head and neck. From that first night to today, while I still wake often from the pain and still toss and turn, a simple repositioning of the pillow and I am asleep again in seconds. When the cats let me, of course. I also live in Florida and get nightly hot flashes and the pillows are much better than others I've had at keeping me cool.

I find them to be just as advertised. The concept is simple and while there are other pillows filled with foam pieces similar to his, and I've tried some, I haven't found any that can keep the loft and shape without the foam eventually just failing after a few years and becoming flat.

At least once a year, though they recommend more often, I throw them into the washer to clean and into the dryer to dry. They have never failed to come out looking brand new.

I don't know why this pillow works when others don't but it does. Maybe it's the "patented" foam shadows, maybe is the foam itself, whatever it is, it's great. I can make it as firm or as soft as I need. I gotta say I love my MyPillow® pillow. And for me, it's worth what seems to be an outrageous price for two pillows. But believe me, they're still cheaper than some I've seen out there. Just know that other such as goose down can range from $30-$400+, Gel pillows go for $50-$70+, and even some foam pillows can range anywhere from $20-$200+. $60 for 2 pillows seems a bargain to me.

But, like I said, I like it and over a span of 10 years feel I got my money's worth. YMMV

The choice of a sleeping pillow is a very personal issue that depends on your tastes, preferences, and, of course, health condition. So, it's hard to say whether ‘My Pillow' pillows would provide you with the particular effect you were counting on.

To satisfy your needs for the visual beauty and high-quality materials, however, we'd suggest you take a look at the luxury decorative pillows offered by Thurston Reed. They are hand-finished in 100% natural linens, cottons, silks, and velvets and can be customized to your color preferences as well!

Sure they work for some people, not all people. If you are a specific neck condition, you might need a more contoured neck pillow - one that does align your neck with a neck roll.

My pillow is my favorite one. Most of the time I have noticed that people don't know how to pick the perfect pillow. Even most of the pillows aren't old and deflated; it might not be the best choice for your comfort and support. According to me comfort and support both are important in selecting the right pillow. I had bought my favorite pillow from Leibona and satisfied with special shaped pillow, that works for me in all my sleeping positions.

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