Are Nexus good phones for video calls?

Natively no. They don't come with native video call software like Samsung and Apple do.

It used to be Hangouts but that app is a mess of options, even if powerful and great. Hangouts is now marketed for enterprise use.

Download DUO on an Android phone and you'll have a super simple app that is designed to do two things:

Make and receive video calls. (Default)

Make and receive audio only calls.

It's a google app.

It's also very data friendly and does well over slower connections.

I recommend it.

I don't know what you mean by that but I'll just answer it anyway. Yes it is a good phone for video calls as any other smartphone. The Nexus 6P is a really capable phone with an impressive rear. Amera and front camera too so yeah it can take video calls with ease

How is life having a family, and working as a software engineer (work-life balance, stress affecting your family)?

This is going to depend entirely on two factors:Your present employer's work culture.Your own commitment to work/life balance.It's going to be difficult at first, because you're going to be a junior employee and there isn't much you can do except

What would happen to the space shuttle if it lost all of its heat tiles before entering the Earth's atmosphere?

We don't really have to guess - when Columbia got damage to just one of her leading edge thermal protection panels - the result was that parts of the wing structure overheated and failed - and the entire shuttle ended up scattered in tiny pieces

Why are humans the only race?

The human species is made up of only one biological race if we adhere to the definitions used by the biologists. I don't see any reason to choose some other definition. We are all of us composed of the essential ubiquitous genes that make us the same species, although we differ slightly due to some Regional