Are Quaker oats plus beneficial for weight loss?

Oatmeal is touted as a health food for weight loss, but isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Most people opt for instant oatmeal, which is devoid of the fiber that makes oatmeal a healthy food choice. Plus instant oatmeal is typically flavoured with loads of sugar, making it no better than eating candy for breakfast. The benefit for weight loss is not from oatmeal itself, but from adding a higher fiber food first thing in the day. If you want to eat oatmeal, choose a brand that you have to cook on the stove for about 20minutes. This type of oatmeal is less processed and has more of the natural fiber that helps to balance your blood sugar. To help with weight loss, increase your protein and fiber content in the first meal of the day, and ideally the other meals too. By starting with a balanced blood sugar, you'll stave off cravings later in the day and will have more willpower to make healthy choices. Healthy breakfast options might look at an omelette loaded with seasonal veggies (skip the cheese) or a breakfast hash made up with equal amounts of ground chicken or turkey and grated potato or sweet potato. You can increase the health of a hash by adding veggies like onions, mushrooms or peppers and add some flavour such as cinnamon and mild curry powder. These can be made ahead of time and portioned out for the week to save you some time in the morning. Happy eating!

How soon before I should meet my new girlfriends 5 year old kid?

Since she is a 'new' girlfriend, it is probably best that you don't meet her child until you are fairly sure that you'll be in a steady relationship with this girl for some time.It's not good for young children to meet 'mummy's boyfriend',

Why is HIIT more effective for weight loss than just running or jogging?

Dear Noor Ullah Jan:My answer is a collection/snapshot of personal experiences. I am an avid weightlifter. I use the barbell to cover all aspects of fitness. With that in mind, I hope I answer your question.HIIT:High-intensity interval training, also called high-intensity intermittent exercise

What is the current marriage rate compared to the current divorce rate?

You asked: What is the current marriage rate compared to the current divorce rate.The marriage and divorce rates are different in every country.If you want the U.S. rates, go here:Marriage rate: As U.S. marriage rate hovers at 50%,