Are Russians really as spooky as Americans make them out to be?

Are Russians really as spooky as Americans make them out to be?

Interesting question. What do you mean by the term "Americans" (that describe Russians as "spooky" and "creepy" monster)? I assume that you mean the media and politicians...

To distract from bias and understand the causes of such trends need to listen not rabid politicians and people like - for example - Noam Chomsky.

Why do you wish to keep secrets? What are the benefits of keeping secrets?

Thanks for this challenging A2A Akshita Tiwari.Why secrets, and benefits combined. Sit tight. Not for the light hearted. It's gonna hurt.Understand these:(Tone: Fact stating, but very polite)I believe, every information has selected recipient(s). If you are not the deserving recipient, you are unlikely to get that information. Accept this fact. Thus, secrets.If you are

What s simple way to increase body weight after 30 years age?

Franckly speaking age doesn't matter if you or want to increase body weight you just have to be in calories surplus for a quite long period of time ,in simple word you have to eat more and more food oviously no junk food.Now the question is how much you should eat, keeping it simple just calculate your

I eat one meal per day with 500 calories. Is that bad?

If you are eating from 300–500 calories a day, and that's all, then I know exactly what's wrong.You are starving yourself to death, your body has started literally eating itself to try and keep you alive. Your body is starting to digest your own muscle tissues to keep your heart beating.If you continue to eat like this, your