Are White men attracted to Indian women?

Some Indian women are attractive. In my opinion, the ones that directly from India are the ones that are attractive. They come over here with those colorful gowns and makeup and it makes them look nice. Even though they seem to be educated and attractive, I personally would never ask one out or date one. Their beliefs, morals, and family values scare the hell out of me. I had 1 very attractive Indian girl try to kiss me when she commented on the cologne I had on. I don't know if she is an American born Indian or came directly from India. They all loom the same. There's another Indian girl that stares the hell out of me everyday in my Biology class. By the way, I am a black guy. They just seem hard to read and understand which is why I wouldnt think about getting close to them. They are still, for the most part, physically attractive women. Just not my cup of tea. I think they should be looking for white men. Maybe they can understand them better.

I'm 173 pounds currently and I am a strong kid and my muscles show it kind of but how can I improve my shoulders and biceps with a home workout?

Ok, I'm going to assume that you're more interested in appearance than functional strength. In which case, the best plan for you with a home workout would require,A small backpackA weighted vest with removable weightsA dipping belt15kg in either weights or a shopping bag full of tins, bottles of water, etc.A pull up barFirst off I'm going

What is the difference between strength and power training in a workout?

The quest for the perfect combination of strength and power has long puzzled athletes and weightlifters. Although the two share similar qualities, they actually have some subtle differences. Knowing and understanding these differences can help athletes identify the most important attributes for their sport and gear their training accordingly.To

What is the best way to gradually stabilize and increase strength in my triceps? The problem is, my triceps are very easily fatigued after a couple of exercises and then it becomes nearly impossible to complete the workout.

Here are the DOs and DONTsDo not overtrain: It means that in order to improve your triceps you are constantly trying to work them out. Just remember that no more than 9–12 sets per week should be done for triceps. Your arms get trained when you workout for Chest, Back and Shoulder so try