Are ab exercises efficient for burning fat?

Exercises that directly work your abs are terrible methods of burning fat

Especially if you want to get into the topic of "efficiency".

Ab exercises that are focused solely on the abs should be done to strengthen the core, and that's about it. They don't activate many other muscle groups. Your abs a relatively small group of muscles.

Why do people let themselves get all fat and gross as they get older?

I can remember being young (teens and twenties) and seeing older women who seemed to have

What do Buddhists think about homosexuality?

This is not going to be politically correct reply and if i'll ever twist the truth for the sake of "political correctness" i'd consider this as a serious fault in my practice and as a going astray.i'll break it to points, to give a full, true, practical

Why is posture so important to meditation?

Hi there, posture has become something that my entire meditation is about and it has changed everything for me. For years I was unaware of the balance that could be struck [I was going to say ‘strook'!!!] between relaxation and tension!The physical body is 100% part of your spiritual