Are ab exercises more useful to reduce belly fat than other exercises?

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.

You can spend hours doing abdominal related exercises though if you would not be taking care of the nutrition and expenditure aspect, there would not be any belly fat loss that you would expect.

Be it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

Do snakes like water? Can all snakes swim?

Most animals can swim and I don't know any snake that cant swim.Would you believe that even elephants can swim. elephant swimming - Google SearchSwimming comes to all snakes and most animals of animal kingdom instinctively. Its us humans that have to be taught swimming post childhood. Most new born human kids can swim instinctively with little

What are the best cardio exercises to do when bulking?

Very insightful of you to consider cardio while bulking. The mistake I made when bulking is that I did no cardio.Which was very bad because my heart and lungs became weak, and my body had a hard time handling all the new weight I was putting on.Not to mention my lifts also

What are the best online resources for learning photography?

One good thing for Landscape photographers just like many other professions nowadays is the availability of resources online. Be you a seasoned professional or someone who is just picking a camera for the first time. We can correctly say we are