Are ab exercises the same as core strengthening exercises?

They're One Aspect of Core Training

Old Soviet Coaches have a saying: Strong Abs, Strong Back, Strong Hands.

Essentially your "core" or the area around your mid section consists of several groups of stabilizing muscles. They keep your spinal column in place while under heavy loads. This means vertebra doesn't move or movement is a very restricted.

Even though your spine has high tensile strength, it can be dislocated.

If you could talk to any type of animal in the world, what would you choose?

My dog, Jenny. A few, valid reasons ahead.WARNING: Writing this answer was fun, but re-reading it made me realize that I sound loony. If you are sensitive to overwhelming pet-love content, kindly skip this answer.#1I've got to ask her if all of the nicknames that I've

I am 170 lbs at 5'6. Would riding my bike 20-25 minutes to and from work each day help me lose weight?

That depends on what you would be doing otherwise, and what else you will do if you ride.If the alternative is driving or taking public transportation, then you'll burn calories. Assuming that you can rid around 15 mph, you're talking about 10 to 12 miles per day, which

Is gaining muscle weight healthier than fat weight?

Muscle is so important for our health while healthy amount of fat is also important for our health. Having muscles will help you have a faster metabolism since muscle burns more calorie than fat at rest. We do need minimal healthy