Are aliens experimented in NASA?

See, it has never been proved or suspected that NASA has aliens to experiment. But, it was said that NASA obviously spotted many UFOs in space during its various missons. Even Collins of Apollo11 confessed to the public that he saw one on the moon. There was also some Mexican hacker, I don't remember the name, who hacked NASA's server to reveal that it had 2 kinds of pictures:
Filtered --> These pictures were edited to cut the suspected UFO parts from the pictures. These were the ones shown to the public.
Unfiltered--> These were the original pics with the original UFO parts.
Is Starlord an Avenger in the comics?

Star Lord has never been part of the Avengers (or any other Earth based super team).As a young adult he was part of NASA. He briefly joined the Ravagers (in order to trick them and save the crew of a NASA ship). After that he bounced

What are some popular British TV shows?

BARB is the official agency for collecting viewing figures they publish a list of the most popular shows in a week: also think this list from the Telegraph newspaper is a good summary of 2015's best shows: BFI 100 list is quite good

Why should I watch English movies or TV series?

I think you are asking this because you may have seen people around you being obsessed with TV shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, etc. to name a few shows randomly. Also, they must have asked you whether you have seen this Hollywood