Are aliens helping us to evolve further in technology and creation?

Highly unlikely, any aliens advanced enough to A) be aware that we even exist and B) travel or otherwise communicate with us would be so far ahead of us technologically that we'd be little more than a curiosity at best.

At our current understanding we're already at the brink of vat grown organs, artificial wombs, genetic modifications/enhancements, neural integrated prosthesis, etc.

There is no logical expectation that an advanced alien race would not be able to create their own beings to fill whatever role they might be preparing Humans for.
Neither would they have any use for any technology we might be expected to invent for some time and why they would expect any technology from us that they could not create themselves is unexplained.

In short there is no reason that they would even if they could.

Are there any videos of Nikola Tesla?

There are 2 Movies about Nikola Tesla1: The Secret of Nikola Tesla - Tajna Nikole Tesle with Orson Welles asJ.P. MorganTajna Nikole Tesle (1980)2: The Prestige with David Bowie as Nikola TeslaThe Prestige (2006)And just a

How earth was able to support life?

Its in the ‘goldilocks' zone which means that liquid water can exist on its surface. Life developed here, which means that plants developed, plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, which higher forms of life need. Humans developed because the oxygen was available.

What is, in detail, the Hindu religion?

I was listening to Swami Chinamayanand a while ago, and the way he explained Hinduism was just astounding.There is a similarity in all the abrahamic religions. That you have to follow only one god, and for that, there is only one way and there is only one book to