Are aliens tall?

Hi, just as on Earth where we have different human races, my understanding is that it's the same on other planets. Some tall, some shorter. Diversity is a Galactic characteristic, however the ETs that visit Earth have very much realised that with diversity there still must be Unity for a healthy society, something Earth currently lacks.
Have a read of any of the noted contactees, George Adamski, Georgio Dibitonto and most of them give the same information from ET souces.
Thanks, Mike

Some aliens are extraordinarily tall. Although of course this is only in comparison with other aliens. My guess is that all aliens sent to Earth, though selected for the height and impressive musculature, are relative small in human terms (considerably less than 1 human cm), explaining the difficulty experienced to date finding either them or their flying apparati.

I suggest seeking out Dr Steven Greer especially this youtube lecture that answers many questions. There seem to be 3 main entities, one type is your typical 3–4 foot tall grays, the you have the blonde, pale, almost albino type tall as us or taller human looking type entities, and then there is a reptilian type. I have yet to see much more prove and research on the latter.

Why aren't neanderthals considered humans?

It has to be rough being a paleontologist, on what day was the first "true" chicken hatched? Not just a proto chicken but an actual chicken? I consider Neanderthal human for at least two reasons.First, they broke from the main group not that far back and rejoined us before becoming extinct.

How long until humans can reach a different star?

It is actually almost impossible with today's technology.Alpha centauri is the nearest star to the Sun which is about 4.243 light years away. A light year is the distance it takes for light to travel in one year (which is about