Are animals smarter than humans?

Humans are unique creatures, they are very intelligent far more than any other creature on earth. They are endowed with very powerful metal capabilities. The human is the only creature that has the tripartite makeup. The body, the soul and the spirit. All is the human components.

How can we compare the intelligence of humans to other creatures when we can see the immense gap which humans have filled in the world. Humans invented languages from different backgrounds which they come from. All these languages are used in the expression of thoughts. And get attached to one another.

Humans have invented the art of writing, no other creature has ever evolved to this stage. Humans have for millenniums intelligently invented writing as a way of keeping their stored thoughts and passing information. This is intelligence.

There has never been any creature that influenced life on earth like humans. They have made basic necessities available to where they never existed like building artificial lakes, irrigations, bridges and so many other things to make life favorable for themselves no other creature has done so on the planet.

Human intelligence has been so amazing that it has made life easier for both man and other creatures on the planet. It has brought about a favorable living condition for both man and other creatures and has made them live a well-improved life.

Can Christians take part in yoga classes?

NOYOGA GOES AGAINST CHRISTIAN FAITH.IT IS VIOLATION OF 1ST COMMANDMENTYoga is seen as a secular form of meditation and hence many practice it as an exercise regime, irrespective of religion . My attempt is to portray the Catholic church's view on Yoga .In spite of the advertisements and talk about health and fitness yoga's real goal is

Are Mormon sisters allowed to date?

This is a confusing question. In a general sense ALL female Mormons are sisters.However, I get the sense that you may be asking about sister missionaries. Sister missionaries are NOT allowed to date at all. If they are found to be dating then they