Are any abdominal exercise products effective?

Well depending on what you mean by effective and what product are you talking about.

If you have a belly and are promised to have abs by one of the products, total bs that's never gonna happen.

There are 2 products for abs:

  1. you sit and do nothing
  2. You use the product and fell pain just like doing sit-ups.

The first one is pointless, the second one is somewhat useful.

First let's look at why. The first one has no effect on the muscle which means the muscle doesn't get used, therefore there will be no muscle tear down and rebuilt. The second one would work in building the muscle and tearing it down, and it sure will give you strong abs, but it will be pointless if you have a belly because it will be covering it. An example of the first one would be the electric belt that gives abs, the second one would be the sit up assist for overweight people.

Although the second one will get you strong abs, it might not be visible. You have to understand that to have abs, you need two things, a low body fat percentage, and well built abdominal muscles. Without one of them, you can't have abs. So the second product builds abs but doesn't remove fat.

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