Are band workouts great for a whole body workout?

Resistance bands are made of strong, thin rubber with handles at the end, and come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level. With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise - chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and even squats - without the need for heavyweights.

Who according to you is the most influential woman in your life? Why?

Indira Gandhi: Iron Lady of IndiaA new definition was bestowed upon the role of South Asian women in the late 1960s, by the emergence of eminent female political figures from South Asia. These few remarkable ladies revolutionized the global political arena, pioneering the entry of women into

If the top of my feet's skin tone is lighter than my body, is that my natural skin tone and how do I get the skin tone back?

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