Are daily push ups unhealthy?

Push ups are a wonderful body weight exercise that work several upper body muscle groups in your chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, back and neck.

With any strength training exercise rest and recovery is important. It is during this period that your body repairs muscle tissue that is damaged during a workout - generating enhancements in strength and muscle growth.

However, the amount of rest required depends on a number of things - including the intensity of your workout, current level of fitness, experience and nutrition.

If you are stressing the muscles out with a particularly intensive workout of push ups... then you might need a couple of days rest. Similarly, if you are new to push ups it's also a good idea to have a day off between workouts.

On the other hand if you are highly trained, the exercise is lower intensity or more endurance in nature... then press ups can be incorporated every day.

If I lose muscle mass will I be able to do a pull up?

I doubt it has anything to do with only body weight and muscle weight.There are full-grown bodybuilders doing pull-ups, and then there is 68 kg professional climber Adam Ondra pulling himself up using only three fingers. Strength is not how big a muscle is,

Is never getting married or having kids a betrayal of your family?

It is your decision and if your family don't agree that is their right but you shouldn't feel bad about it in any way. If they love and care for you they should respect your wishes.I met my partner when I was 17 and he was 24 and we are still together but unmarried 43

If a South Indian girl who eats rice twice daily got married to a North Indian guy who eats rice only once in a fortnight and the girl refuses to eat roti (wheat) which the guy wants twice daily, what would you advise them to fill their tummies?

Its really hard to compromise on food habits. Hence few ideas can be adopted to handle the situation ingeniously. There are delectable South Indian side dish varieties like avial,thoran, kalan,gothsu,kadappa,tomato thokku,tomato kurma, spicy chutneys that goes well with rice and chapati.Some people even