Are doctors richer than programmers?

I did not research that deeply but I can give personal examples - I have had 4 Doctors friends in my entire life - while I had tens of Programmers friends... and still have.

None of my programmers friends came even close to making as much money as any of my Doctor friends - including my Vet doctor, that I do include in this list.

Doctors just seem to be making a lot more money... much easily.
All of them have MORE than one office - they were ALWAYS busy - they worked with health insurance companies so they could charge a lot of money...

I mean, I visited one my friend doctors a few months ago in one of his offices ; we were supposed to go to lunch and he was getting delayed that day so I waited...
He treated 4 women in that 50 minutes I waited for him... 4 !

The cheapest he charges PER VISIT (note - this is not per hour) - is $150.
That means , he just made AT LEAST $600 in those 50 minutes I was waiting for him... $600/hr by all means is a very good rate to have.

While my Programmers friends are working for HP , Microsoft or what not - making a salary equivalent to about $60/hr at best...

So I say YES , Doctors ARE richer than Programmers.
$600/hr is way better than $60/hr... don't you think ?

Now don't get me started on Lawyers... my "internet-lawyer" friend just visited my yesterday...  he's working for the biggest law firm in the world (over 1900 lawyers) - the guy just bought a 5 million dollar BEACH home in Malibu... now , you tell me how many Programmers you know that owns 3 homes - one of them is a 5 mil beach house in Malibu ??  - EXACTLY my point !! ...

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