Are doing 4-sets of 30 push ups and 4-sets of 30 planks on odd days/4-sets of 30 bicep curls and 3-minutes of planks on even days/going on a walk (run) on Sundays enough to build muscle?

It's funny to me that as much as I bag on calisthenics and bodyweight stuff that I continue to get A2A for it.

The answer to your question is no

This will not build muscle unless you currently lack the muscle to do 30 push-ups which is unlikely if you are a man.

The thing about training is that a lot of it is neuromuscular. Most of what you train in the beginning will not be muscle building, but rather will be training your central nervous system to handle progressively heavier weights.

Your body already has enough muscle to move itself around and do bodyweight movements. It's just that your body is not currently trained to perform them efficiently.

So the answer to your question is that your regimen will build strength and burn some calories, but it won't build much muscle at all.

If you do this in conjunction with a proper diet in a caloric deficit, you could get decently ripped (Body Comp/Macro Calc for a tool to help figure out where you need to be nutritionally)

But don't expect to get big or super strong or anything.

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In Nevada, is there a 6 month waiting period to remarry after a divorce is finalized?

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