Are doing pull ups and chin ups that difficult for people?

Your test of strength and power happens when you go for a body weight workout. This includes doing chinups, pullups, pushups and jumps too.
It not difficult at all to be honest. A person can easily pull and push its own weight. It's all about badly you want to do it.
A person just hanging on a bar will give up easily at 5. But when you are hanging on a bar which is 1000 ft above ground and the only way to save yourself is to pull 10 times, you'll surely do 10.
If you see military training tests, it's not about how much you can curl or row or bench press. It about how much you can push, pull and jump. That too in a given time period (In gym you can at least play around with rest period). Whether it is Indian Army or Navy SEALS, it all goes to down on Your Weight.

It depends on few factors that affect your chins, pulls and pushups. Majorly its the weight. Yes if you weight lower, chances are you'll pull more. Though its not very true. For past 4 months I was 84kgs. I was doing 15 chinups and 15 pullups in a row. It was of my training and food that helps me maintain the energy to pull that much.

Practice makes you perfect. Keep practicing your pullups and chinups and within no time you'll be repping higher. Been there, done that! I would prefer gaining weight and pulling more each day.

My fav. trick- If you want to do more chinups and pullups.

  1. Practice everyday
  2. After every set of chinups/pullups, go for squats. Squat till failure. Then go for pullups or chinups again. You might end up repping. (A wise man told me this trick and I'll hold on to it. Leaves me with nearly no sore on a leg day and wings to fly home :D)

    Good luck.


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