Are doing pushups at home useful?

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Being a person who loves to exercise, pushups has become my first priority when doing my workout. I can say that around 80% of my workout exercise is bodyweight exercise while 20% more is free weight or machine itself as I love to ‘use' my bodyweight to create more variation of exercise.

Pushups is one of the best exercise that you can do at home without any other equipment. It works your upper body part and I can say it works your whole body as you are using your whole muscle while doing the ‘plank' position. I have been doing it around 3x every week along the other exercises.

Yes, you can try to start with the normal pushups and continue to add up more and more rep day by day. When you are comfortable and feel it's really ‘easy' for you, try to incorporated more pushups variations that works different muscle such as incline pushups, decline pushups, diamond pushup, and many more that you can find in Internet.

I really suggest you to do diamond pushups when you feel strong confident enough as it's really great and can show significant change if you do it correctly and continuously. As for the weight loss, it does help in the weight loss and yes, you must incorporated it with other cardio exercise such as shadow boxing, jogging and many more.

Try to do it consistently and make sure you have a healthy diet.


M. Asyraf Abdullah

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