Are domestic pets the only animals which cannot survive without the assistance of humans?

I believe you are under-estimating "domestic pets"!

Have you never heard of "feral cats" and packs of " wild dogs" and so on!

If humans went extinct not all would survive for sure , but out of the many millions of cats and dogs that aren't chained up or locked in houses ....

lots would survive, cats on birds and mice etc and dogs on anything they could scavenge -and there would be a lot of that!!

Of the millions of domesticated horses and goats etc in paddocks and on farms -millions would suvive -all they need is grass and water after all!

So don't get carried away with domesticated pets not surviving without humans!

What are the health benefits of cranberry-grape juice?

1)Flavonoids found in grape juice raise the level of HDL (good) cholesterol. This prevents blockage of arteries and the heart remains healthy.  2) Resveratrol found in grape juice prevents the formation of tumors in the body. So this prevents cancer. Purple-colored grape juice prevents breast

Why can humans ride bicycle?

Why can we type? Why can we sing opera? Why can we break dance or skydive or pilot an airplane?The answers to these (and your) question are all the same: because evolution selected us to be adaptable.Other animals got selected for speed (cheetahs), size (elephants), strength (gorillas), slowness (sloths) and all other

What are the causes of excessive sweating in head?

Excessive sweating on the head can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Approximately 2-3 percent of the population suffers from hyperhidrosis, or having too much head sweating. This condition can easily be managed with medical attention, though many are too embarrassed to ask for assistance. Determining