Are eggs enough to build muscles?

No, you need to exercise as well that too like hell !!!

Just Kidding.

Now with proper diet apart from eggs, such as sprouts from moong dal, gram, soya, you can add the natural protein intakes. If you eat non veg, do take 30-50 gms of boiled chicken breast it is a wonderful source of protein.

Every source of protein has a different rate of digestion and hence differennt effect, hence it should be taken at a certain time of the day for optimim effect. For example after workout you need a protein source which is quickest to digest, while before you go to sleep, take a slower one. So consult your trainer at the gym for a perfect diet plan.
When should I begin training specifically for abs, as I have body fat of about between 25-30 percent? I go to the gym and do planking for 1 min 30 seconds and skipping (advanced) for 5–10 min. daily.

You have to train your whole body, there is no time for specific body parts, training means getting stronger than before. Remember this every time.Firstly, train one muscle a day. Keep 2 days for legs and one day for break.Secondly,

What are the Indian cultures that have been adopted by the Western countries?

When we talk of culture what does it actually incorporate? Mainly Arts, language, Faith/religion, food , customs/rituals etc.,If we look at all these aspects we find a whole range of influence (not necessarily adopted by the masses, but certainly accepted by them).What is ubiquitous but not

How to enjoy office hours in a boring office

There are very few jobs that are inherently entertaining. Most other jobs are monotonous and repetitive.There are lot of jobs that may be boring and patience testing but they gotto be done. Ask a farmer how he garners the patience to cultivate and patiently wait for the crop to come to life. The intervening days test patience but farmer