Are full squats with less weight a better muscle builder than parallel squats with more weight?

You would get different schools of thought here and I know people that prefer one more than the other ,

Personally I prefer deep squats but I'll say include both in your program if you can perform deep squats with the right technique / posture .

To answer your question full squats are a better overall muscle builder IMO cause you are working on greater ROM, ofc greater ROM normally means less weight.

However if you targeting specific muscles I.e your hamstrings then the parallel would make sense as well.

Again i am not going to discuss about optimum angles / compression forces on relevant joints and what squat is better over the other because that's not what you are asking and I am sure is covered in another question.

Do you prefer working out with resistance bands or weights? Why and which muscle group do you use them with?

Thanks for the A2A!Generally, when I use added resistance (vs. bodyweight workouts) I prefer to use resistance bands:When I'm on the go, traveling etc.When I need/want a lighter workout (not in the mood, on your period, recovery day etc.)When I feel some old injuries (knee

Which is your favourite movie of Shah Rukh Khan?

Veer ZaaraWhy ?directed beautifullyromance at it's best ...Khan's acting & expressions were out if this worldpreity zinta was also flawless and beautifulbackground score was mind blowingsongs music was extra ordinary and pure goldall the actors acted perfectly be it Rani , Anupam

Are there any benefits eating sweets?

Yes, in small quantities, they are very satisfying without fattening.Milk sweets have the advantage of having carbohydrates, proteins and fats ....Many other traditional Indian sweets also have at least some percentages of the three types of foods - carbs, proteins and fats....Many of the sweets