Are gay men attracted to feminine men?

Most are not.

The thing is that most of the guys that dislike feminine qualities in men are not really very masculine themselves and some portray a role of masculinity that is not natural for them only to meet masculine men because that is what they like.

In my experience most gay guys are waiting for the straight acting jock of their dreams...and end up very lonely because they themselves are not attractive to that type of men.

Other guys are either masculine or effeminate and are very atracted to a more "gracious" or "gentler" type of guy.

Other gay men are neutral about either liking or disliking effeminate traits specifically and look at other qualities to determine if theres chemistry or not.

Also effeminacy is relative. Some guys are turned off by the slightest sign of sensitivity like crying or combing your hair...

It is ok to be attracted to what you like and want.

What it is not ok is to think masculine equates to superiority and feminine means lesser. Masculine guys (even some who are not masculine and think they are...) tend to look down on more typically feminine gay men wich is completely detrimental to everybody.

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