Are ghost crashes real?

I would say no. I watched some of those crashes and it could very easily be faked. Plus I think, if it were a phenomenon with any merit, I would have heard about it before now. I had to look it up. How would police explain it? How would insurance even begin to try to cover it. Health insurance also. If it is real, no one talks about it. I say fake.

Just seen some videos of such crashes. To me they look like CGI/video animation products.

If by any chance they are real, the offending vehicles from different time/space dimension may have chanced to meet at the right time their energised state converted into matter.

How would knowing the earth is flat change your life?

Drastically.Because I'd never see my family or friends again. Because for the Earth to be flat to me, I'd have to be going ~99.9999% the speed of light so that spacetime warped such that to my perception the Earth was

What is the science behind daydreaming and what does it mean?

There really is very little science and almost no meaning at all to daydreaming. It is merely of state of being distracted from the topic at hand and the thought process to be someplace other than where you are.There are usually triggers involved. For example for

How to pass the Oracle 1Z0-499 certification exam

The Features of Oracle CertificationsOracle features a lot of computer certifications that appeal to a lot of different technicians to operating system superstars but they also offer certifications in organization as well as engineering. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance 2017 Implementation Essentials Exam are a standard above in the profession of IT as Oracle certification is