Are girls more likely to listen to their parents' advice than boys are?

As a guy with brothers and a sister, I have to give this one a resounding "no".

My sister is the youngest, and has always been the last person to listen to my parents. She's the one who threw the parties when my parents were out of town, got arrested and spent a month in tent city, AZ, had credit problems so bad that my mom had to bail her out... the list keeps going on and on. I've lost count of the cars that have been totaled, (it's more than 11) and how many terrible exes and hookups she's had that took advantage of her good nature to rob her. (Yes, that happened... including taking her purse, phone, and one of those cars I mentioned... and totaling the car.)

I love my sister and in more recent years, she's really worked hard to turn her life around... by finally listening to my parents. She got a great job, worked hard to repair her credit and savings, moved to be closer to family, changed her living situation, and more. It just took her about 2 extra decades to finally realize the value in what my parents were saying. She's the first one to admit that she didn't really want to listen to what my parents would tell her to do, but she had a bit of an awakening a few years ago after hitting rock bottom. After that, everything my parents said starting making sense.

As for the boys, we have 1 lawyer, 1 P.h.D, and me... the actor/real estate agent. 2 out of 3 successes isn't bad. :) But none of the boys had the problems my little sister has had, mostly because we listened as grew up. I'm not saying we haven't had our own sets of problems, but it's nothing on what my sister has been through. I love her to death, and it's killed me over the years to see all the pain and hurts she's gone through that could have been avoided if she had just decided to take the advice we were all offering. Sometimes people take the long way around to get there... and that can be women just as much as men.

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