Are hacking apps illegal?

Generally no, in most of the world, because they're used by white hat ethical hackers to find weaknesses that can be fixed. Certain tools that were clearly built with malicious intent have been used as evidence to convict their authors of aiding in cyber crime. Also, some countries have stricter laws that ban all exploits.

Is withholding information as bad as lying?

Not exactly. But everything depends on the circumstances and contexts.I was quick to say,

Can I workout after getting a tattoo?

The standard answer is - no. Here's why:Health: Right after you get a tattoo, you might feel tired. Some people even get a mild fever. This is because your body has been subjected to some amount of trauma and is coping with it. So within the first week, and especially on the day

How to get rid of period cramps at school

I your cramps makes you unable to function and you need maximal legal dose(or more) of painkillers I would suggest skipping school and sleeping it off.First of all you are as not fully functional even with painkillers. There is usually advised not to operate machinery if on drugs. Also painkillers can be