Are high levels of testosterone dangerous?

Too much of anything is a bad thing, by definition, right?

I am immediately suspicious of anyone who tries to tell me there is something you can't have too much of... Even money. I consider myself far more fortunate than some extremely wealthy people I've met.

You don't have to stretch your imagination too far to imagine all sorts of serious trouble excessive testosterone can get you into. Physical fights in which you or someone else gets seriously injured or killed, which in turn leads to tears, broken families, jail time... all that not-so-good stuff. On a less physical level, wanting to be the alpha in the room on every occasion makes one miss all sorts of opportunities. One of them is the proverbial opportunity to shut up.

While beating one's chest and trying to impose on others that one is the main show in town, one is giving others plenty of information about oneself, and not reading the more subtle information they are making available to you. Important information.

I see an example of very dominant individuals losing out when I observe birds in the park when they are being fed: the more dominant ones spend a lot of energy trying to put fear in the hearts of other birds who would eat some of the crumbs: but they can never stop every other bird from eating.... and meanwhile, you guessed it, they themselves are not eating.

I see it when guys on ridiculously loud motorbikes fail to notice just how many women seem to think they're compensating for something.

Different moments in life call for a different touch: forcefulness has its uses, but often only a softer touch will work. An excess of testosterone will cause one to see the world through tinted glasses that miss some of the moments that require more subtlety in order to yield their magic.

What are some of the most subtle things in life that we take for granted?

The warmth of a dog or cat on your lap.A gift from a friend that touches me because it shows how well they know me.The crunchy ice that forms along the edges of the snow when there's a thaw.How easy out lives are with central heating

What are ancient body building methods?

The same way as we do it todayThe body is exactly the same..Nutrition . Either by way of caloric deficit or surplus..Work. As in over and above the normal work experience..( Pick up heavy stuff that is of unusual weight compared to your usual days process)Rest. Sleep,Sleep,Sleep, And Sleep. At least 7–9 hours (

How do blood vessels reconnect when there has been a surgery affecting the muscle tissues?

Microvascular surgery or microsurgery is a surgical  technique for  joining or repairing the damaged blood vessels and nerves during   reconstructive surgery of body parts. Reconstructive surgery restores  the  functioning of the body parts by improving the circulation.Your surgeon uses an operating room microscope,  specialized  instruments, tiny needles,