Are home dumbbell workouts a substitute for a gym? Where can I find dumbbell workout plans?

Any kind of workout accomplished outside a gym is a substitute for a gym workout.

Dumbbell workout plans can be Googled. They are available in abundance.

Personally, I like the following for upper body:

  • Incline DB Press
  • 2-arm DB Row
  • Seated Military Press
  • Single-arm DB Row
  • Seated DB Triceps Press
  • Alternating DB Biceps Curls

On lower-body days I'll sometimes do the following:

  • DB Front Squats
  • Ab Curls
  • Lunges with DBs
  • Straight-leg Deadlifts

I'll usually repeat the above exercise sets through 3–4 rotations, increasing the weight with each rotation.

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