Are home workouts really effective?

Yes, home workouts are effective.

To make home workout effective you need to have a proper training schedule and work according to the goals set.

Home workouts are generally calisthenics which are body weight exercises.

To make the best use of home workouts you should have a bit of intensity, with time and experience your body adapts to change quickly and you need to progressively overload your training so that your body is challenged and grows to adapt it.

Generally people working out at home find it difficult to progressively overload after a certain point of time due to limited weights available and or lack of different equipment's available.

At home workout having intensity becomes difficult as your body grows and our body weight is not enough.

You should add resistance band and use weighted vests in your training schedule to make it more intense and effective.

If you have started training just now then I would suggest you to workout at home so that you get aligned with the schedule then you may join commercial training spaces to train.

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