Are horoscopes legitimate? Do they ever come true?

Let me start off with an analogy with a computer process. There are 4 components for a computer process. Input , process , output and storage. There is also a concept called GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) which expresses that the quality of input will influence the quality of output.

In terms of Astrology, the input refers to the Time of birth, Place of birth and gender . So an inaccurate input will definitely not give an output which is accurate.

Secondly, the processing part comes. This involves the determination of Rasi, Lagna, etc. and construction of various charts using the data.

Thirdly, this is formulated in a tabular manner which subsequently can be used to make astrological readings (instead of plotting the charts every single time when reading is to be made) - and fourthly , written in a piece of paper.

The simple answer for your question is yes, astrology is legitimate and it does come true. Before I explain this, let me tell you that most of the reasons why people lose belief in astrology is because of their prior experiences of wrong predictions. These wrong predictions can be attributed to (i) Wrong input data (or) (ii) Wrong construction of charts (or) (iii) Wrong readings of charts (or) a combination of all the above.

Even a minute difference will affect the output because you as a person would have been born at say 10.35 am, whereas you chart is constructed based on the time 10.36 am. So technically speaking, most of your predictions will have variations because the input data is wrong.

Wrong construction of chart happens when the person preparing the chart makes errors/mistakes. So assuming your chart was prepared by a novice and that is given to many number of experts, the readings of the experts will go wrong because they have read the chart and not ‘your' chart.

Wrong readings of chart refers to the so called prediction part in astrology wherein the chart prepared is interpreted.

Now the question of why astrology is condemned by a rationalist is because a rationalist bases his argument on the wrong outcomes of many astrologers. A rationalist conveniently forgets that not all astrologers make mistakes or touts/quacks. Those predictions go wrong because of the above 3 reasons.

Coming to modern science which doesn't recognize astrology as a science . Let us be very frank here. We Indians discovered Gravity (By Shri Bhaskaracharya) centuries before the western world did. Western science was often rebuked by the Church back then. Then finally in 1679 the west discovered gravity. Then in 1903, the westerners invented an aircraft . Then in 1942, the Germans launched the first Rocket into space. In 1969 the first man landed on the moon. We have made huge strides in the field of aeronautical engineering, Rocket launches and space exploration. What is the fundamental principal in all these fields ? Gravity. When was gravity discovered (by the west) ? in 1679 .

But it was not until 2016 that we humans found out that Gravity has waves. I mean we have made rocket launches and moon landings even without knowing gravity fully.

This is modern Science. Modern Science still bases itself on many concepts which is not capable of being proved with current human knowledge.

In spite of Medical advancements, can we pinpoint precisely where is life ? No!

Is life a form of energy? Science doesn't have an answer

does that mean we don't have life ? Definitely no! We do have life. But science doesn't answer this.

So stop looking for all answers from science because science itself hasn't understood itself. So science is incapable of explaining astrology, which bases itself on nexus/relationship of humans with celestial bodies .

So naturally, when science is unable to explain a concept, we look for empirical evidence . Empirical evidence means conclusion by means of observation , experience and experimentation . In my experience, I have come across astrologers who are bang on with their predictions. But they are very few in number. They are overshadowed by fancy and flaunting astrologers who appear on televisions and newspapers. We have Celebrity astrologers and money making astrologers. I am not saying don't make money using horoscope, but saying don't make only money.

But in spite of Correct input data, correct construction and accurate reading of chart, astrology may not be able to predict future precisely . Let me give you an example from Accountancy.

You have an opening Retained Earnings of Rs.10,00,000 . Your current year budgeted Profit (based on your previous growth, market growth , your return of capital employed , Tax rate and cost of capital) is Rs.2,00,000/- ( This 2 lakh is arrived by accurate data - something similar to astrology ) . But in the end of the year , you end up only with a profit of Rs.1,50,000/- . This is because there was a strike by your workers.

Was the Budgeting scientific ? Yes

Was the result different from Predicted ? Yes

Was the budgeting done wrongly ? No

The current year profit relates to your current birth's actions and their consequences. For example, your horoscope says you will live long, but you ride a motorcycle without helmet and negate that prediction.

The problem with rationalists is that they are not rational. I mean when we have great scientific minds like Tesla, Oppenheimer , Erwin Schrodinger Heisenberg, Niels Bohr and Einstein who have all praised Vedas and Vedanta , could we question the Vedangas without possessing their knowledge ?

Is Niels Bohr, a (A prime contributor to atomic structure and quantum theory) an idiot to say "I go to the Upanishads to ask a question" ?

When Quantum Theory seemed crazy to Heisenberg, Indian Philosophy made him make sense of it.

Albert Einstein , one of the greatest modern Scientific minds was not an atheist said his concept of god was influenced by Advaita Vedanta.

I bet that one day a person will win a Nobel Prize for some field in Astrology , but I don't know when that will happen.

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