Are humans evolving to grow out of handwriting? Technology may have an upper pen

As we all know, typing is very popular today and handwriting has taken a back seat. But this does not mean that handwriting will be ruled out forever. Handwriting will become more popular again as people begin to recognize its benefits.

According to a white paper released by the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation researchers have found that:

  • Neural connections are developed and strengthened when children write in longhand.
  • They also reported that massive regions in the brain such as thinking and language are activated through handwriting.
  • Handwriting activates more brain areas.
  • Adaptation, planning, aesthetics, and foresight are more fully engaged while writing by hand.
  • The distinctly human qualities of beauty and emotion are enhanced.
  • It is also regarded as a useful exercise to slow the cognitive effects of aging.

Handwriting has existed for thousands of years and it will continue to be a very convenient method of communication.

Surprising Evidence about the Benefits of handwriting

I think so. Maybe not tomorrow but very possibly in this lifetime. My children are 13 and 16 and their handwriting is almost illegible! At every parent teacher conference we ask the question "how important is penmanship?" The answer is usually "not very". As long as the teachers can read their reports. Wow. Huge disappointment and a big change from when script/cursive was given a grade. My handwriting was something I was proud of. I remember once a teacher had asked what my interests were and my response was writing. She thought I meant poetry but I very literally meant writing. That was an art form for me, a type of therapy and it did in fact turn into a love of storytelling.

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