Are irish girls more conservative?

More conservative than? 

No I think the mistake here is to presume that Irish girls are anything.  There are around what 2.5 million females living in Ireland?  Maybe slightly less.  We are all different.  Some conservative, some wild, some intelligent, some funny.

The Catholic Church is losing it's hold over our country.  I know the question doesn't mention religion but this old idea of good little Catholic girl is gone.

Our teenage girls drink, do drugs, have sex, get pregnant.  Some of them, not all. 

Our young adult girls do the same.

Our women can be as liberal as anywhere else.  Our women can be as conservative as anywhere else.  The big mistake is to stereotype any nationality in any way.

Wow, that was some answer from Anonymous.  I think he/she meant to come across as Catholicism is rampant and women here are frigid.  Of course by comparison he/she essentially appears to make the case "British Protestant women are essentially sluts".

Let's go on the premise that the Anonymous answer below was written by Donald Trump, and quickly return to reality.

The question is "Are Irish girls more conservative?". 

More conservative than who?  Irish boys? American girls? British girls?

More conservative how? Sexually? Religiously? Politically? In how they dress?

Seems to me, just from the way the question is phrased, that the best way to find out would be to ask an Irish girl rather than ask for opinions of Anonymous British people living in Ireland (and writing in the year 1941 I suspect).

You'll find out your answer quick enough that way.

I live in Ireland despite being British and definitely have to say yes. Most of them are quite religious and follow their religion as much as they can. Also when I was at school literally every girl was in home economics through school, wore long skirts or trousers and were religious. Compared to English or American girls they're extremely conservative. You'll hear them mostly saying they hate secularism, atheist, abortion, immigration, and have a rather ignorant ideology when it comes to foreigners and their religions, such as "wouldn't the world be better off if we were all Catholics". Not Christian. Catholic. Most of them don't even get on with Protestants in this day and age

Pfffh! Am as pointed out by previous posters, this question is inherently flawed, however, if I am to tar all of my fellow Irish women with the same brush I would say over all, women of my generation and younger are not conservative. I think over the years living overseas I have been made aware of the fact that Irish people, through our propensity to move out of home at a relatively young age and also to move overseas are less conservative than some nations' women.

Also, a social life that can be in some way centered around alcohol may lead to us holding a devil-may-care attitude and to be more open to new people and ideas. However, I think to generalize is to deny the diversity that makes up Irish women in general .

Nope, but they tend to pretend they are. There are still a lot of double standards in Ireland. You know, boys will be boys but girls have to be good girls, that kind of nonsense. So girls tend to have to pretend that they are good girls in order to keep the gossippers away from their private business and their potential future husband from thinking she's dirty. But no, absolutely not! Not in the way they dress, talk or have sex. In fact, I am from a pretty modern European country and the way they dress would be considered very trashy here, the dresses are so short! And having met quite a few Irish girls in foreign countries during holidays, I have a good idea what they are like when away from the watching eye of people who should be minding their own business.
It's all pretend, because sexism is still rampant there. I lived there for more than a year and I have every confidence in stating that.

More conservative than who? I wouldn't call them particularly conservative, really, but then I haven't met very many teenage girls from other countries. I think Irish teenagers in general have become quite liberal.

Also, the anonymous comment below is the biggest load of tripe I've ever read. Not an ounce of it is true, and it's exaggerated at best, a blatant lie at worst.

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