Are kettle bells better than dumbbells for building muscle?

It really depends on the exercises. I don't think there is any "best" anything. Some equipment is better for a particular thing than another piece of equipment.

A word of warning however. Kettle bells were used back in the day like the turn of the century for exercises the dumb bells are used for today. See below.

Triceps extension...

Is exercising in the morning more effective than exercise done at the end of the day?

Just to add to what has already been said, there is an additional potential advantage to morning workouts, especially if you are strength training. Our testosterone levels rise and fall in a regular pattern over 24 hours. These levels peak at around 9:00 am. My doctor just told me

Do people have regret after getting a divorce? If yes, why and what do they regret?

Definitely they will regret , if they had mutual love in their marriage life. They will recall the memories spend together. They will think about the future plans they made together. The real depression point is their kids. They will really start worrying about their kids

What is harder, a one armed pull-up or one armed handstand push-up?

I haven't seen anyone really answer this, so I'll answer it for you:A one-arm handstand pushup is much harder than a one-arm pullup.This is true even if you use a wall to balance on while attempting said pushup. It simply requires more strength.Now, both are amazing moves in their own right.