Are low income people less prone to depression and if so why?

Are low income people more prone to be depressed? I never noted this correlation. I worked in the public service system for almost 30 years and was involved with many lower socio-economic clients. People can be depressed bc of their situation but many seem to rise above their surroundings. Working with this segment of the population changed my worldview. I was someone who would never be seen in public without makeup and a coordinated outfit. I came to understand that these things don't matter. They were happy with just having clothes. I saw people happy in the most difficult situations.

I also worked with people who to the outside world had every reason to be happy but were utterly desolate.

You can be depressed bc of your situation. I've been there. Depression doesn't happen bc you don't have new shoes. It is an equal opportunity disorder.


Depression is no respecter of wealth or lack thereof. Granted high-income people tend to be the more visible cases, but that's mainly due to their greater influence and status in general in the community, in other words because of their greater visibility. At the other end, low-income people have less access to healthcare (including mental health), and so their depression (or other mental illness) is more likely to go untreated.

Extremely poor people's life is full of struggle for their survival. Their mind and body become accustomed to these hard conditions.

Every tiny achievement is source for happiness for them. Event getting old crumpled bread to eat is source of happiness for them.

That may the reason, that extremely poor people are less prone to depression.

Depression like other mental illnesses is biological in nature. Caused by too much or too little of one or more brain chemicals. It is genetic. It doesn't care about income. Mental illness doesn't discriminate. In the USA so many with any mental illness are on disability that most are low income.

They are too busy saving money here and there, so dont have much time to think. Often community links are necessary for survival, so people need and care about each other more.

They havent attained the ‘utopia' of the ‘American dream', so havent yet maybe, ‘realised' that it just that. A dream. The dream didnt change the essential basic need of love. Infact money can be a double edged sword.

The opposite is more likely. In affluent communities, children are introduced to counseling and psychotherapy as a prevention of mental or emotional problems. In contrast, few low income families have the knowledge or the means to provide the care needed to minimize the stresses that may contribute to nervous or mental disorders.

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