Are lowering carbs good for losing weight?

No. Here is why.

A low carb diet can lead to low vitamin C and insomnia if you do it for every meal. You may have as much low carb as you want through the day because low carb vegetables do not cause spike in blood sugar, but I would get a little more carbs for dinner because it helps the body relaxes. It is one of the many crucial things I need in place to sleep. I am a very picky sleeper.

What I do each morning is I make low carb smoothies with kale, cucumber, zucchini, celery, parsley, or cilantro, with a couple of raw eggs, but avoid more starchy or high glycemic foods such as fruits like orange, banana, or watermelon, because it causes too much blood sugar spikes. I would get just a little, but mix it with plenty of low glycemic carbs.

In the evening, however, I would suggest one fruit and have some starchy carbs such as rice or potatoes. Get just enough to feel the mellow feeling which you know is the body signal for a good night of sleep.

Proteins and fats wise I keep it the same for every meals.

You lose weight by sleeping well. Most people are too tired and wired to lose weight. Never try those starvation based dieting because it only cause the body to lose muscle and then later on gain back all the weight because the body is too stressed out to stay slim. You need to give your body plenty of rest to stay slim.

In fact, if you build muscles by lifting weight in the morning, it improves tone and muscle mass, which help the body to produce energy you need instead of getting it from caffeine and sugars. Muscle, not cardio, is what keeps your body slim because its really the muscle that keep your figure together.

What is the best food after gym?

Depends what you want to achieve from the gym. Here are some basicsPeople go mad about protein because it's the thing that repairs muscle but any excess per day is not stored and gets converted to glucose (not good to keep fat off

Why should I live when I don't care about anything and don't want to feel anymore pain?

A2AI can relate. It can get really tough. Sometimes you just don't even want to wake up in the morning. Why do we force ourselves to keep going when it all seems pointless and painful? Because we don't know what tomorrow holds. Prince

I've been working out more (weight lifting and body exercises) and eating less, yet my weight never seems to budge. Is there any reason for this, and could I lose weight?

Been there. Do you get hungry after work out and end up eating a lot after work out? Well if you eat more calories than you burn you can get but won't lose weight easily. You might experience slow progress or even end up adding more weight instead of losing it. You are what you eat so try