Are men really attracted to their wives after marriage?

I am doing self initiated research on Married life and especially Sex after Marriage , As a part of which i had interviewed 30 married couples of age beginning 30 to 50.

As per common analysis , Sex is a passion till 6 months of marriage ...Then becomes responsibility till you have kids...Disappears completely during first 2 years of parenthood and finally becomes show off especially for a man to prove he is still man irrespective what the lady wants and then disappear again.

I had one on one session with each of the duo with same set of questions and the crux is below.

  1. 80% cases each of them had a different perception about each others comfort level.
  2. None of them was sure if they have been taking care of each others wishes/desires completely.
  3. 80% Men think that they satisfy their girl however 100% women state that they have been incomplete.
  4. Answers to what part of the body makes their man/lady go crazy and trust be among all 30 each of the duo had a different answer.
  5. Most of the girls have not got a chance to wear all the sexy range of nightwear they have because their husbands never give them that time to get into mood and live the dreams they have of a perfect sex date.
  6. Most of the girls don't know what their man wants , a very common desire of a man to watch porn with their Girl together which 80% girls are hesitant of or don't like.
  7. Most of the girls complaint off incomplete intercourse , because a guy stops immediately when he is discharged getting sex off his head and least bothered in what state the girl is and what she wants.
  8. 50% women loose interest in sex post pregnancy and the reason husbands don't share equal responsibility in upbringing the kids because of any xyz reason.
  9. What hurts most women is when regardless of taking consent , undressing completely ...Men pounce on them for couple of minutes to get sex off his head making her feel as an object and just giving pain physically and mentally.

Why are all these differences , As per my analysis it is because of lack of communication on the topics like what each of us want , how we want and collectively work towards taking care of each others desires.

Sex talks have always been restricted between a boyfriend and girlfriend or to the so called newely married.

Expect more from this forum for more insights and nurture my research.

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