Are migraines real?

First I didn't want to answer this question. But I decided to share you my experiences.

Your question has reminded me of my school teacher when I was 8 years old.

In her lecture, I was having severe pain. I couldn't concentrate on her lecture.
Unfortunately it was sure looked like I was falling asleep because my face was on the table.
(Please not that I had always been a good girl and a good student as well.)

My teacher then asked me "What are you doing? Are you sleeping? How dare you?"

"No, teacher. I have migraine" I replied with my low/soft/weak voice. I was really in pain.

"You are lying. You are such a big liar. Unbelievable!
No child is suffering from migraine.
And as if migraine is even real? " She answered.

If my memory is right, my close friend who knew that I really had migraine on that day.  She defended me. 
I had suffered even before that. And if I am right.
She even witnessed the ugly (vomiting).
Probably that was why she believed at the first place.

I remember feeling so broken. It was harsh/rude/cruel.
I had never been scolded by any teachers before at least until that age.
I couldn't even defend myself because I was too weak.

At the age of EIGHT, being a very very good girl who had been probably even too honest for her own good.
That feeling of being called a BIG LIAR?!?!
I can still feel it until today. It was very painful.
I even promised to myself to always be honest no matter what.

[ To add to my promise.
I rarely tell lies till these days. I can't say NEVER.
But I could say I will be honest even it gets me to a big trouble.
This has something to do with that incident, my religion (Buddhism) and my family ]

I think after that incident, I was having a very tough time telling people about my migraine and any other sicknesses I had had.

I don't want to look weak.
And more importantly I don't want people to think that I am lying.
I have a very long list of sicknesses. I still do have fear until these days if I need to mention them to anyone.

Those time, migraine was not yet public. We didn't have internet then.
We can say it was not famous/popular either.
So the question is
"How did the 8 years old girl come to know she has a so called migraine?"
Answers are:
1. Her mom had it. Her aunt had it. Her cousins had it.
2. We have had doctors and nurses in our family.
We were and we are educated people.
We knew then what we were dealing with.

I knew I had migraine even before I was 8 years old.
I was suffering from it already from even younger age.
Mom then told me that what I had was not a normal headache.
I believe it was too hot in Thailand and too bright.
Food was and is the main trigger as well.
But that is something I have to observe all my life.

Not so many people could understand.
People tend to judge that I was like a princess of some sort.
Too fragile, high maintenance.

It is better to be judged than 
  • seeing auras,
  • having nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • having severe headache (one side at a time),
  • having pain and numbness throughout the body (one side at at time),
  • and many other more symptoms you can check on Migraine

Migraines will not last only for few hours without medications.
It can even last for day or even many days.

I was fortunate then that my mom and my family were aware of this sickness.
My mom suffered from it too so she could understand perfectly what I was dealing with.

My mom had migraine even before her pregnancy.
She was having migraine while I was with her (inside her).

I have been suffering from migraine since I could remember.
One with auras, one without.
Types of Migraines

I believe it is genetic.
I believe when mom was suffering from migraine, I was suffering too inside her.

So Big YES to you.

Migraine is VERY REAL.

I have been suffering a lot.


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