Are most body transformations on the internet fake? I've been workingout for about 8 months going to the gym 4 times per week with a 'Proven to work' workout plan. I eat enough etc etc. yet I'm no where near those 'transformation videos'

While there are plenty of legitimate transformations to look at online there are also plenty of exaggerated or outright fake transformations.

A legitimate transformation can be made to look a lot more impressive with a few minor photographic and bodybuilding tricks.

You say that you are using a "proven to work" training plan, unless this training plan is specific to your body, health and fitness needs then there is nothing proven about it.

The biggest offenders for producing fake transformations are those selling "Proven to work" training programs. I have encountered a lot who use stolen photographs to promote their training program/nutritional plan/online coaching when in reality those in the photos have had nothing to do with that particular training program or diet.

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