Are most men attracted to nice woman?

I suppose most most men are.

But nice don't mean much to be if I'm not sexually attractive to her. I have to be attracted to the woman. So it's not just one thing.

Yes, the first that will get my attention is her look, her body posture, flowing of her hair, her white pale skin, the smile and she's approachable. The way she is dressed.

Then if I approach it's if I can click with her, there is a connection, and a vibe I feel. call it chemistry...or.....personality etc. If she's nice, kind, gentle, but also confident in her passion, not socially awkward and I have a great conversation with too, all the better.

But first for being attracted to her.

Percieved value - the way she looks will get my attention but the rest will keep my attention.

If you were the Prime Minister of India, which sector would you reform first and how?

I would like to share my own imagination on this issue,as this question became most popular in quaro now a days so I created my own this .so everyone will have already know that BJP this time gonna loose but I was not sure it will not gonna come even in one

What is the relative energy-efficiency of a log home?

Here in Washington-and I suspect most states-the Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) considers log home construction to have an equivalent energy efficiency to conventionally-framed, residential construction.While stud-framed construction relies heavily on R-value performance, in a log home, that is not the most important measure of thermal retention. In all honesty, this is because