Are my feelings so strong they could drive him away?

I feel the same thing for someone, these days.

So I think I am well-placed to answer your question.

You see, your feelings are creating dependance towards the person you love.

This dependance is as strong as your feelings for him are. And so, you feel lonely, unhappy, left out when you are not the center of his attention.

So that is the problem with your very strong feelings : without this love so strong, who are you?

Sometimes, love and our dreams make it so that we think about the other person enough to forget ourselves... Do you really need this to feel alive?

Let's imagine that your lover doesn't respond to you for a week.

Would it be the end of the world for you?

In this case, you need to learn to live and to be happy without him.

Try to reach your personal goals, learn to love yourself, be independent.

It is very hard loving someone and not receiving the same amount of love from your significant other.

But know that most people experience the same thing.

You need to find balance in your relationship so that he doesn't start to think about runing away.

You need to love yourself more and to be more and more independent, little by little, step by step.

And you also need to focus on yourself, on the stuff you love and on the things you want to achieve in life.

By doing this, your dependance will become lighter and lighter. You'll be happier, more free, even when your boyfriend doesn't respond to your texts.

I wish you good luck.

It is not easy being independent and keeping moving forward while being genuinely happy.

Happiness attracts happy people.

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