Are one arm push-ups safe?

For 99% of people, myself included, no. You'll fare far better if you do your best to equalize your weight over both arms. If you want added resistance, consider using a weighted vest (mine lets me add 40 lbs) or elevating your feet a little. Note that the more you elevate your feet, the more you use your shoulders. Also, I'd recommend alternating sets of explosive push-ups (where you clap your hands or kip yourself completely off the ground at the top of each rep) with sets of super slow (3x15) pushups (where one set is as follows: take fifteen seconds to lower yourself, fifteen seconds to raise yourself back up, and fifteen seconds to lower yourself back down). I recommend going with open palms as opposed to using push-up bars.

For a chest workout, are press-ups, bench presses, and dumbell fly presses enough?

It depends on what you want out of your workout, but this actually looks pretty good.Here is what I would suggest as a basic, chest only routine, and for my recommended chest and arms muscle building routine, just follow the link. But you want to do low rep,

Why do so many Christian denominations accept homosexuality and divorce (both of which the Bible clearly condemns), yet reject polygamy (which the Bible never condemns)?

Well, polygamy goes against the cultural mores of Christian thinking: one man, one woman. Adam, Eve (not Steve). They like to pass off the many polygamous affairs, concubines and so forth, as another time, another place. Do they do that for homosexuality? Guess not.If they came out against divorce they'd have to do some fast talking in

How to get abs

Here is the thing that many people, including a lot of trainers, overlook: diet. The single most important tool that you need in order to develop your abs is diet.Regardless of what you've heard, or what the latest hyped up fat loss pill promised you,