Are one armed pushups a significant way to gain muscle?

No. It's just a show-off move....totally unnecessary and I personally think its an injury risk.

Stick to the big compound moves like squat, bench, overhead press, pull-ups, dead-lifts. You will gain muscle.

If you have no access to the gym or any equipment and you are looking to hit the chest, then stick to normal push-ups and add weight to your body somehow to increase the resistance - or just do them really slowly.

However, if you REALLY want to gain significant muscle - you need access to basic gym equipment - bench, bar, plates, power-rack.

Is it true that if you want a swimming pool that you should buy a house with one rather than put one in yourself?

Although you may think a swimming pool is way cool you should be very cautious about buying a home with one or putting one in yourself for a few reasons;1-They are expensive to install. An in-ground is a job for a pro,

What is unique about Japanese culture and what can the world learn from it?

Make food that tastes like food.  Japanese cooks almost never use seasonings other than soy sauce, ginger, fish stock, and mirin.  The idea is to make food taste like the food that it is, not dress it up and mess it up and hide it.  Your ingredients should speak

Is it true that congressman Jerry Nadler fought to keep documents private related to the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the later 1990's?

I don't know,if that's,true. Bill Clinton though made a deal in a court of law, the day before he left office, so doesn't that suggest republicans had send an indictmemt to a court of law for a sitting president.Besides If Clinton was guilty of anything, he certainly wasn' accused of several,counts of felony obstruction, his