Are one-handed pushups better than two-handed pushups?

One handed pushups are far better than two handed for damaging your shoulders. One handed pushups are a parlor trick and really don't have a place in a well thought out workout program. IMNHO

Watch most people do a one arm pushup, does the movement look clean? Not so much, huh? Stick with clean movements and save your body for better things.

But if you insist on trying to do one arm pushups there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First and foremost, work on progressions. Don't just drop down and squirm like a bug. I would advise starting on a wall or a high bench. This will allow you to get a better feel for the movement, before you start to add load. The one arm pushup is like any exercise; master the movement before you add load.

Some othe things to keep in mind:

• Don't flare your elbow. Keep the elbow in tight. This is probably too flared. 

Can I train if my muscles sore?

Generally speaking - I wouldn't recommend it. The soreness in your muscle is typically a result of two things:Mechanical damage (micro-tears in actin-myosin pairs that make your muscles contract); orDamage from hydrogen ions and mounting acidity as a result of high-intensity exercise in largely anaerobic condition(many people mistakenly think of soreness as

How to get muscle without losing weight

To gain muscles, you have to manipulate your calorie intake towards plus side. Your daily calorie gain should be more than that you consume and at a time when your muscles need it. Yes, you requires some additional calories to gain muscles, and for that you have to increase your diet in a calibrated manner.When you eat

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While there are certainly unlimited ways and exercises that can sculpt your body and build your strength, many individuals wonder whether there are