Are pants supposed to be worn at the belly button line or at the hips?


Pants are supposed to be worn at the height the patternmaker set the rise for. The rise is the distance from the center of the crotch to the top of the waistband. Some trousers have a low rise and are meant to be worn at or even below the hips. Some are made with a higher rise and, as you might guess, are meant to be worn higher up. Most brands will tell you in their catalog description what the rise and intended wearing height of each pair they sell is.

How to gain muscles even though I workout regularly

Increase the intensity , increase the fuel to match it and focs on the quality of the workout.If you ever wanted an alternative to the presumable 2 hours you spend in the gym hitting 4x10 of everything, its time to try : high intensity weight training aka. Heavy duty or

What is the cell theory? What are the principles?

The cell theory is a scientific theory that concerns with the properties and abilities of a cell. The three principles/tenets of the cell theory are(not in any order):Cells are the basic structural unit of life. As you know, cells make up our tissue which makes up

What personality trait do you appreciate most about other people?

Honesty. Especially when telling the truth means putting themselves at risk.I found honesty, nowadays, is a rather rare character trait. A lot of people I know personally would make little lies one time to another for no good reason. Quite a number of them even lied unconsciously. Could you picture that? Does that sound surreal to you? It