Are people afraid of society?

Thanks for the A2A. Appreciate it.

It really depends on the person and the kind of society.

The crowd can be very kind to those who mingle....but get on their bad side and it can get nasty VERY FAST.

So, anyone who's on society's bad side - for better or worse - has a reason to feel wary or threatened within said society. Especially when members of that society start getting aggressive, verbally and physically.

Hard to answer. Personally, I'm more concerned with crowd mentality, group think, and how people behave when faced with challenging times. Society is kinda abstract and made up a number of inter-twinned elements all working together to result in the macro. I don't think people are "afraid" of society, but would be appropriate in these times to be concerned with various elements.

Is laziness something mental or is it a physical disorder?

I have a working theory that laziness that is so bad it prevents people from taking beneficial actions that others believe they would readily take if they were in the same position is a form of Learned Helplessness.[1]Depression can make a person appear and feel lazy.Poor nutrition, health, and lack of sleep can make a person

Why can't someone make me happy?

Because you can't make you happy. You are not happy with yourself apparently. No one else can make you happy, it starts with you.