Are people really happy?

Yes? I think...

I have this philosophy that people confuse what happiness actually is. This is problematic because if you don't know how to define something, it becomes impossible to achieve. Still with me?

I think most people believe that happiness is a very strong and powerful emotion, and it can be at times. We've all felt the rush that comes with achievement, love, and many other life events. Its an awesome feeling! BUT happiness doesn't typically manifest itself like that.

I believe that happiness shouldn't require a special event or specific set of people. Its not the lack of ailments either. I can be happy everyday, even though nothing particularly good, or bad, happened. I feel confident that I'm doing the right things in my life. Its still hard. But when I miss the bus and begin the walk home, I feel good. Happiness for me is more of an underlying feeling. Powerful, but not overwhelming like other times. I believe this is because I've learned to enjoy the journey and find joy in common place things.

So yes, people are actually happy, they just might not realize it the same way I do. But EVERYONE can be. Happiness is not circumstancial. Its a choice.

Every human being will be happy , when

  1. They can differentiate between their needs and wants.
  2. Be content with their lives.
  3. Should not have expectations from others.
  4. Never compare with others.
  5. We should realize that happiness is within us.
  6. Do things which make you happy,
  7. Happiness doesn't come because of someone'spresence , or leave you in their absence.
  8. Happiness is a state of mind.
  9. Materialistic comforts can never buy you happiness.

So, you try to find out, whether you are happy or not ??

Do little introspection of yourself !!

It's a myth that people who are rich, have a girlfriend, who live in castles, have limousines are the happiest people.

A poor man, who stays in a hut , eats 3 meals a day and gets pleasant sleep in the night is the happiest man !!

Happiness lies in satisfaction and in being content!!

Be thankful to God , that we are far better than the other under -privileged people.

Depends how we define happiness. It is a intangible commodity and is subjective from everyone. say for a cancer patient being alive everyday is a happiness that they can see more and do more of this life, for a kid getting what they want is happiness etc.

we keep evolving every minute and we have so many thoughts. At the end of the day whatever gives us our dose of serotonin is what makes us happy. for me sitting under a tree (in the park) in a warm sunny day is what makes me happy.

Yes. My country is not the richest in the world, or most developed, or technologically advanced. Governance is a shit show. Justice is elusive and slow. Health care is meh. I could go on...

But you learn to count the things you should be thankful for.

Yes, people can be happy in spite of (fill in the blanks here) and because of (fill in the blanks here).

I won't presume to know what will make you happy.

You fill in the blanks.

To be really happy, particularly after 50 years old about, is not a easy task. To know more about happiness, see Abstract 4 of Life Philosophy by Joao Ferreira.

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