Are people really leaving New York City?

Of course people are leaving New York City! Some by dying, others by relocating to other states.

And this is very good news, because according to official New York City Government Population Projections, New York City is projected to grow from 8.2 million persons in 2010 to 9+ million in 2040, an increase of 783,000 or 9.5 percent. It was 8,622,698 in July of 2017.

By the way, within a very few years, Brooklyn will have more people than Chicago.

We need a lot more people to leave. Please. Just go. Anywhere. Because there are a lot more coming to take their place.



Is there any country that was never 'once great'?

I actually asked my history teacher why don't we study about great countries in Africa or Latin America. All he could say was that it is out of the scope of the syllabus.Then i emailed some history professors asking the same question. They suggested

Does war ever end well?

Well one example of a war that has not ended badly was the Three Hundred and Thirty Five year war. It was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly.

What are some things you can sell from home?

There are many ways to make additional money working from home. If you have household goods to sell consider selling them on eBay or Amazon. Before selling look at similar articles to give you a guideline for pricing. Remember, anything you sell will incur fees. Usually fees will  about a third of the selling price.Alternatively,