Are people today generally more or less fit than before year 2000?

Way way way less fit. Thanks for A2A. Including us Nurses. I have always pondered my own weight issues. I was one of those really thin people until 2003. (5 ft 9 and 130 pounds thin). Around the age of 38 I started gaining rapidly. Yes I know, hormones. But I really knew at least at that point that it was not just that . I lived in the country and had Direct TV. After 911 I found myself glued to the news. With news being 24 hour I could watch all night, sleep poorly, snack at night and lay idle allowing all those calories to settle on my ass and thighs. It seemed out of my control. I really believe that TV and all associations with it such as video games or Netflix, has contributed hugely to our countries weight gain. From the commercials they air, to the vast number of shows to watch. We end up spending way more time in front of TVs after 2000. That time is sendentary, with unconscious eating and binging. Bad combination. I'm sure that if people got away from TVs and devices we all would be in much better shape.

How to plan an optimal workout for lower pectoral muscles

So I too have been working on my lower chest. I have done this because over the past few years I have neglected to do any type of lower chest exercise. For the past few years I have been focusing on flat dumbbell presses to

What is the most effective way to increase muscle mass without gaining unwanted (fat) weight?

The most effect way to increase muscle mass with minimal fat gain can be done, there would be some questions that would determine any additional factors that could affect the phase.Here would be the questions.Where are you at now with regards now with regards to your nutrition and caloric intake.Where would you be with regards to bod fat percentage,